Winter care for hair and skin

With the onset of winter, we look forward to enjoying the cold weather and windy atmosphere but unwanted dryness comes along with it which you cannot avoid. Winters means dryness then be it your lips, face, or skin. The atmosphere in winter with its low relative humidity can wreck your skin and indoor heating with radiators, bonfires, heaters, and blowers deprive your skin of moisture. So, according to proficient hair transplant specialists in Bhubaneswar, it is essential to know how can you protect your skin and hair in winter. The following are a few tips that can aid in preserving the moisture of your skin – 

  • Avoid over cleansing  

Generally, your face needs to be cleansed twice or thrice a day but this is not the case in winter. You should try to use minimal soap or any cleanser on your face as it tends to soak the natural oil of your skin which will make it even drier in winter. So, you should try to just wipe with plain water if you want to clean your face. 

  • Swear with moisturizers and oils 

It is the rule of thumb to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated all the time. You should never forget to apply oils, cream, and moisturizer on your face and always put lotions or body oils after a bath. Since the face has very sensitive skin you should apply moisturization at regular intervals of time. Also, never forget to put lip balm as your lips can tend to get extremely dry which leads to cracked and ruptured lips. 

  • Dont take hot showers 

As you know, hygiene is crucial in anyone’s lifestyle and taking a shower is a basic step but in winter it is obvious that the majority of people use hot water for bath and shampoo, it is not advisable. If you want to bathe or shampoo your hair you should use lukewarm water which is minimalistic hot because hot water soaks up your natural body oils and make your skin even drier. So, you should avoid using extremely hot showers.

  • Wholesome diet 

This is a universal fact that no matter what you apply or do externally on your skin it will only be effective when you are well enough internally. You should always ingest a healthy complete meal that provides your body with all the essential nutrients like vitamins, proteins, calcium, and iron. A good healthy diet will always protect your skin in winter. 

  • Drink plenty of water 

Your body gets deprived of water in winter and this is a very common mistake by many people that is observed. It is legible that you won’t feel like drinking much water and there will be enough thirst but you should keep your body hydrated from within as well. It will help your skin glow naturally. 


You might best hair transplant in Bhubaneswar or a low-cost hair transplant in Bhubaneswar but why damage your hair to that extent when you can fix your hair and skin problems with these simple steps? So, the bottom line is that you can protect your skin and hair in winter by the above-mentioned measures.

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