Why hairline design is important for a good hair transplant?

Since the hairline is easily visible on a person’s forehead and it is also the reason we look in the mirror and settles up with our personality, these reasons make the role of hairline design very important in a good hair transplant. If the hairline is not proper or it is not looking natural, these are the signs of a bad hair transplant. There are several factors that are taken into consideration before designing hair line in a transplant process which is as follows –  

  • Age of patient 

The hairline should be designed by assimilating the personality of the patient with respect to age. It plays a very critical role in making the hairline look natural. For example, a person 60 years of age should not be getting a hairline of what looks to be when he was 25 because that will look odd and not real or not natural. 

The rate of hair loss increases with age so the design of the hairline should depend on that.

  • Gender

Gender is another prominent factor in designing a hairline in a good hair transplant surgeon in Bhubaneswar. Definitely, a male hairline is different from a female hairline. Patterns of hair loss are also different among males and females, so before designing a hairline, the gender, and the hair loss patterns must be taken into account.

  • Hair Types 

The design of the hairline also depends on the hair type. Different people have different qualities and types of hair. Some people have thick and curly hair whereas many people have straight and thin hair with different hair densities. A patient who is having finer hairline needs more hair than other people who have thick hair. So different hair types require different planning.

  • Shape and size of the face

As hairline can be seen on the forehead, for it to look natural it is important to consider the proportion it is in with the face. The hair transplant surgeon should analyze the size and shape of the face to design a perfectly natural-looking hairline. 

  • Hair Loss Types

It is important for a surgeon to figure out the type of hair loss that the patient is going through and what is the cause behind the hair loss. Hair loss happens in different patterns and hair transplant majorly depends on what type of hair loss we are dealing with. So, designing a hairline is vitally dependent on understanding the hair loss pattern. A person suffering from traction alopecia will have a major difference in the hairline design than a person with other patterns of hair loss

  • The magnitude of hair loss

Designing a hairline in a good hair transplant also depends on the magnitude or the rate of hair fall. Early stages of hair fall are a lot different than advanced stages of hair fall so designing a hairline during the early stage is a different procedure than designing the hairline at the advanced stage. 


These are the factors that must be considered in designing a hairline. A natural-looking and fitting hairline is a sign of a good hair transplant. Hence, designing the hairline becomes a critical process in a hair transplant therefore it becomes necessary to understand the considerable factors involved in this process.

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