Teenage Hair Loss is an Epidemic

With age comes maturity but little did you know with age comes hair loss problems as well. It is normal to face hair loss after a certain age because your body naturally gets deficient in various vital components and cannot perform adequately. However, hair loss problems in the teenage are not justified as you are most fit at that age and your body is full of agility, power, and richness. But teenage hair loss is an epidemic, now. You can easily find 1 in 3 people who are suffering from chronic hair loss in their young teenage and there are several contributing factors that cause it. In fact, many hair transplant specialists in Bhubaneswar are working on a detailed anatomy of how to fix this and some of them also recommend hair transplant at that age in order to prevent further damage. 

For patients who have undergone hair transplant surgery performed by the best hair transplant surgeon in Bhubaneswar, the results after 5 months Results can be promising. At this stage, patients can expect to see some visible improvements in the appearance of their hair, with the transplanted hairs starting to grow and blend in with the existing hair. The best hair transplant surgeons in Bhubaneswar use advanced techniques, such as follicular unit extraction (FUE), to ensure that the transplanted hair grafts are of high quality and can result in natural-looking permanent results.

However, it is important to note that the final outcome of a hair transplant may not be fully apparent until up to a year or more after the procedure, as the newly transplanted hairs continue to grow and mature. Nonetheless, with the help of a skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeon, patients can expect to achieve satisfying, long-lasting results.

Alongside, after a certain age if you are seeking hair loss treatment you can consider the best hair transplant in Bhubaneswar and mostly they are preferred due to the hair transplant cost in Bhubaneswar. Now, coming back to the causes of teenage hair loss in teenage and how it can be prevented. The following are some of the common reasons that can yield severe hair fall problems in teenagers – 

  • Malnutrition 

As you know, teenagers are extremely ignorant about the fact how can a wholesome meal impact your health and they stuff their stomachs with junk food which tastes good as compared to vegetables, grains, and milk but you should know it can be detrimental for your overall health in the long run. Now, hair growth is absolutely dependent on how well your body is performing and you need a source of energy to do so which cannot be extracted from junk food. So, have a healthy diet plan which is helpful for your hair like calcium and protein. 

  • Male pattern baldness 

Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is a common disorder. One of the main causes of teenage hair loss among males, it usually begins in the teen years. In fact, 25% of male pattern baldness cases are reported below the age of 21. Male pattern baldness starts with a receding hairline and a lack of hair on the top of your head. It can be genetic or due to certain medications. But male pattern baldness can be controlled if treated at an early stage.

  • Hormonal imbalance 

Well, teenage is the age of puberty where your body is growing into an adult. This is an internal process that often causes a lot of hormonal imbalance and leads to weight gain, hair loss, acne, weight loss, etc. but it can be treated with the right food, exercise, and lifestyle. Therefore, make sure that you are intact with your routine if you want to prevent hair loss.


So, instead of seeking a low-cost hair transplant in Bhubaneswar or the best hair transplantation near me, you can simply follow these steps that can help you prevent teenage hair loss.

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