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female hair transplant in bhubaneswar
Hair loss in females may be even more devastating psychologically than it may be for males. Hair transplant in female can be done in the following conditions:
  • In advanced grade of Androgenetic Alopecia, with minimal improvement in medication.
  • Scarring Alopecia due to skin condition which has been stabilized by medical treatment
  • Hair loss after Trauma, Surgery or Burns.
  • Traction Alopecia. & Beard reconstruction
Hair transplants create the benefit of increasing density and providing options for hair-styling and can be combined with medications.

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EYEBROW TRANSPLANTATIONeyebrow hair transplant in bhubaneswar

Reconstruction techniques of eyebrows using micro grafts of various sizes usually yield good results.
Indication For Eyebrow Transplantation :
  • Congenital absence of eyebrows
  • Inactive alopecia areata, autoimmune diseases
  • Alopecia from infection (e.g., tuberculosis, leprosy)
  • Defect or loss from tattoo removal with laser or acid trauma, burn, laceration
  • Enhancement of normal eyebrows
  • Uneven eyebrows lacking the lateral third or medial portion of the brow In transplantation of the eyebrow, only skinny single-hair grafts are used which are obtained from back of the neck or from just above the ear.
  1.  Surgery performed by trained Dermatologist from AIIMS, New Delhi.
  2. 10+ years of experience with more than 2000 successful cases.
  3. Simultaneous grafts placement with use of implanter pen to ensure “ no root touch technique “ and 100% grafts survival.
  4. Natural hairline with high density
  5. Use of advanced instrumentation and state-of-art facility.

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