Body Hair Treatment

Beard And Moustache Reconstruction

Body Hair Transplant abbreviated as BHT OR BHHT is a medically proven surgical procedure which is performed in order to boost the growth of your hair follicles and promote regrowth. This method is conducted through Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) but the only change is that the donor area for your balding scalp or recipient’s area will not be the back of your head, it will be hairs of your chest, leg, stomach, back or beard, instead. This method is also called the non-stitch technique which is performed on a bald patched scalp or where the hairs have started thinning. BHT can treat people suffering from grade 4 and grade 6 hair loss. 
Lately, body hair transplants in Bhubaneswar are becoming successful and it is being preferred by many residents. The collected data and statistics show that the success rate of BHT is very high in Bhubaneswar. 

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Body Hair Transplant in Bhubaneswar
Body Hair Transplant

Pros of body hair transplant

The number of people, men and women, escalating day by day who are suffering from hair thinning, receding or balding. Body hair transplant or hair transplant surgery is one the most effective method to redeem your hair fall. It also helps to restore your lost confidence and satisfaction which gets altered by hair fall. There are many benefits of BHT which are as follows –

  • Minimalistic scars

Follicular Unit Extraction is known as a non-stitch technique of hair transplant because very tiny hair follicles are extracted from the donor area at one time to harvest graft in the recipient’s area, consequently, it leaves no linear scars after the completion of surgery.

  • Quick recovery

There is barely any downtime in the procedure where you need to rest for a week or two like in cosmetic surgery. You can resume your routine work a day after your surgery which means there will be no loss of work or detachment from social engagements. You might encounter a slight amount of soreness after a few hours of the surgery but it gets evaded in just one-day maximum.

  • Lowly upkeep

BHT has a handful of benefits and being low maintenance is one of them. You dont need to use special hair products, it can be treated just as your regular hair. Since Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a one-time procedure which means you dont need multiple visits to the doctor.

  • Enduring resolution

People who are suffering from hair loss or bald patches can have it permanently fixed through FUE treatment. It is an endless solution to your problem with zero disadvantages and multiple benefits. You can accomplish your desired appearance because of this treatment.

  • Evacuates baldness

The ultimate benefit of the whole treatment is that you can get rid of your unwanted bald patches, and thinning hair by making them sustainable. It promotes your hair growth from within which facilitates the elimination of hair fall. You can say goodbye to your receding hairlines.


The bottom line of the whole topic is that a body hair transplant via follicular unit transplant can be very effective for your hair if you are suffering severe hair fall. It can help you achieve your wanted look by giving a permanent solution of redemption.

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