Hair Treatment


Male pattern baldness which is scientifically known as adrogenetic alopecia is congenital and can have commencement as early as puberty. Males which inherit this are prone to the effects of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which is an active by-product of the male hormone testosterone. The lifespan of hair follicles gets reduced due to this resulting in targeting the roots to shrink and frail, slowing down hair growth and eventually stopping the follicle from growing new hair ushering to bald patches. Conditions like anaemia, diabetes, lupus, or thyroid disease can lead to hair loss. Also, heavy medications for cancer, depression, thyroid, blood pressure etc can also hinder your hair growth. The following are some remedies to treat your hair loss –

  • Finasteride is the only authorised oral drug for androgenetic alopecia and discovered to be most efficacious for stimulating your hair growth and preventing it from getting bald patches. It provides an accurate atmosphere for hair follicles to produce new hairs.
  • Minoxidil is accountable and known for promoting blood circulation in your body. It boosts blood flow inside your entire body leading to prolong hair growth. 

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  • Healthy intake: Food is the root cause of many diseases today and it is also liable for hair fall. You need to be mindful about what are you consuming as it will affect your hair growth and an extreme amount of junk food can cause hair fall. It is really important to intake healthy food which is rich in minerals, vitamins, iron and calcium. 
  • Medication: When healthy food consumption is not working then you can consult a doctor for the same. They will provide you with medication which is designed for your health and prevention of hair loss. It will have all the essential nutrients that your body needs to heal your hair fall conditions. It rejuvenates your body from within which any fitness or diet is not able to provide.
  • Abandon alcohol and smoking: Smoking or consuming alcohol in large amounts can be a contributing factor to hair loss. You should try to quit it to prevent your hair from falling which can lead to baldness.


  • All the surgeries are served by the most proficient doctors who are certified by AIIMS, New Delhi. 

  • We have treated over 2000 successful cases along with 8+ years of experience. 

  • Grafts are simultaneously placed with the use of an implantation pen to make sure there is no contact with roots in order to prevent cuts and slits. 

  • The newly implanted hairline will be dense and promote hair growth to evacuate your bald patches. 

  • All the equipment and machinery used are designed in a state-of-an-art facility which delivers enhanced results.  

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