Nutritional Tips for Hair Regrowth

Alopecia commonly known as hair loss or hair thinning is a common health condition faced by 34% of the population. According to adept hair transplant specialists, it is often found in the age group of 30-40 and can lead to bald patches to complete baldness if not addressed at the right time. If you’ve been splitting hairs over losing your hair, you’re not alone.

However, shedding more than normal hair can be caused because of the following reasons – 

  • Hormonal imbalance 
  • Alopecia areata 
  • Malnutrition 
  • Stress 
  • Male pattern baldness 
  • Deficiency in nutrients 
  • Heating appliances 

Nevertheless, you can treat these problems easily by instilling simple measures in your daily routine. This will help in the reduction of hair fall and the promotion of new hair growth. Also, you can consider hair transplant surgery after a certain age as it has been medically proven extremely effective for many people. Various people prefer it, lately and the most outstanding factor about it is the hair transplant cost. Its success rate is an accomplishment, but the low-cost hair transplant in Bhubaneswar makes it even more worthy. Besides, the following are some common reasons that can control you from yielding hair thinning or alopecia – 

  • Increase protein intake 

 Protein is an essential nutrient that promotes your hair growth quickly and gives your hair follicles the required source of energy that can help in hair growth. You may not be getting enough protein each day and that can affect your hair growth. Especially if you’re vegan or vegetarian, you may need to increase the amount of protein you consume. You need 40 to 60 grams a day, “You can drink your protein, you don’t have to eat it in a food substance. Other ways to hit your daily protein requirement include eating beans and legumes, eggs or Greek yogurt.

  • Haircare regime

Your hair care routine also plays a vital role in how your hair volume and the health of the scalp. There are some basic habits that you need to change or modify in order to prevent hair loss like not using chemical hair-dying products, stopping using heating appliances, avoiding hot showers, washing and oiling your hair timely, and trimming your hair regularly. You all must have either of these habits and be ignorant about how damaging it can be for your hair. 

  • Medications

When you are on medication for some treatment like acne, diabetes, thyroid etc it can be a reason for your hair fall treatment in Bhubaneswar. Although these medicines are prescribed by doctors after careful examination of your overall health. The problem is medicines that you consume without any consultation from the doctors for headache, fever, cough, cold, muscle strain, etc. it is harmful to your hair and body as well. 


As you can deduce, this is how you can easily prevent hair thinning. It is not as complex as you think, you just need to put a little effort into changing your existing hair routine habits to a better version of it.

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