Is hair loss normal in the 20s?

The typical pattern of hair loss is related to the advancement in age but in recent years, numerous cases of hair fall and hair loss have been arising in the age of 20s. People are concerned if this is true and if so what can be the reason that hair loss is happening at such an early stage. There are various reasons behind hair fall at such a young age. Various physical and mental factors are responsible for the current condition. Stress, diet, and even hair treatments are among the possible reasons younger generations are noticing hair loss at an earlier age. Nevertheless, it can be rightly said that hair loss is somewhat common in the 20s in contemporary times whereas it wasn’t common in this phase of age around 30 years back. 

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Given below are some of the common reasons why hair fall is becoming common in the 20s –

  • Different mindset for hair maintenance standards

Extreme exposure to social media is playing a detrimental role in damaging hair conditions and causing hair loss in the 20s. The youth in the current world is heavily influenced by social media and on social media, a lot of people get misguided to maintain harmful hair conditions. The fashion trends followed by celebrities become popular among this age group and many people experiment with their hair to achieve the latest trend. These experimentations can be harmful and hence they result in hair loss at such an early age. Excessive bleaching and dying can seriously damage hair. The weight and tension of hair extensions can also weaken hair follicles, causing more hair to fall out.

  • Unhealthy eating habits

Health and nutrition are widely misunderstood these days. The high consumption of fast food has become common in the age group of the 20s. Such eating habits promote a lot of cholesterol and fat in the body and lack vitamins and minerals. Hence, food consumption is not balanced in terms of nutrition. Minerals and vitamins play a huge role in strengthening hair follicles and a lack of these elements in the diet will result in hair loss doctor in Bhubaneswar. It is important to switch to a balanced diet from an early age so that the hair follicles maintain their strength in growing years and avoid problems such as hair loss. 

  • Stress and anxiety

Mental health is also a serious concern in the contemporary world, especially in the age group of the 20s. Many reasons such as personal relationships, professional turbulence, etc have deep and disturbing impacts on the younger generation. These become predominant causes of stress and anxiety. The further stage of stress and anxiety can result in depression and sleeping disorders. These are also the major reasons that are evidently behind hair fall. Therefore it is important to maintain a healthy mental state to avoid hair loss problems in the 20s. 


With the advancement in time and changing lifestyles, various factors have upsurged quite frequently that have been considered as the major causes for hairless in the 20s. If the right kind of lifestyle is followed which comprises a well-balanced diet, proper conditioning of hair and a peaceful and stress-free mental state, then hair fall should not be normal in the 20s.

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