Is drinking post-hair transplant alright?

Most people go through the problem of hair fall in their lives and with the evolution of time and technology, advanced and efficient methods are now available to take care of these hair loss problems. One of the most preferred and popular methods is a hair transplant. In the past few years, hair transplant numbers have exponentially increased and many people are looking forward to it but since the process is not known in detail to everyone, there are many concerns related to a hair transplant in Bhubaneswar. One such concern lies in the question ” Is drinking alright after a hair transplant?” 

To address this concern we need to understand the negative impact of alcohol –

  • Alcohol can change your sense of reality and your reactions.
  • The brain communicates signals through electrical impulses, and the effect of alcohol slows down the whole process which reduces our ability to react swiftly to the effects of alcohol. 
  • Alcohol also dehydrates the body disturbing the fluid balance inside our body. Because of alcohol, the body temperature also drops and there is an increase in confusion, drowsiness and disorientation. 
  • Alcohol also damages the cell of the mucus membrane, it affects the liver and also promotes tumours.
  • It also reduces the volume of the brain by the destruction of the brain cells. 

Effects of alcohol in hair transplant –

  • You should always talk to your doctor before consuming any kind of alcohol. Alcohol can lead to an increase in bleeding even after the procedure, it is a stress factor for the body. 
  • The healing of the stitches is also delayed because the alcohol breaks down the immune system and slows down the process. 
  • The risk of infection also increases with the consumption of alcohol. The donor and the recipient area are prone to infection
  • Alcohol deteriorates or weakens the effects of the antibiotics given during the transplant procedure to strengthen the body against infections. 
  • There is an increase in the quantity of sweat produced by the body because of the effects of alcohol. The crusts tear or become softened. Redness and swelling persist for a longer period. Visible scars form. The growth of the implanted hairs is made more difficult
  • Alcohol also promotes the secretion of stress hormones which is harmful to the existing hair. 


We can clearly see that alcohol consumption affects the hair and alter the results of your hair transplant surgery in Bhubaneswar. Therefore, it is advisable for patients who have undergone hair transplantation to not consume alcohol. It is strictly advised not to consume alcohol for at least 10 days after the transplant is done. It is even better to practice abstinence from alcohol for a few days even ahead but for the first 10 days after the transplant, no amount of alcohol should be consumed for the successful result of the hair transplant.

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