Beard Growth and treatments

Beard is a symbol of masculinity and style in the modern era. A good beard is what every man desires to complete the look and try different styles. Beard provides a unique identity to the face and also enhances cosmetic beauty. Beard has gained great significance in recent times, best beard hair doctor in Bhubaneswar is to give new look to your beard. Many men, however, are unable to grow a desired beard due to major genetic issues or grow a patchy and incomplete beard that looks disheveled and untidy.

Therefore, there are many beard treatment procedures available that can help to tackle such problems. The main concern for beard treatment is to help to grow a thicker, fuller, and more permanent beard so that one can shape and style it, and experiment with their looks. Further, one can also shape their beard as per the desired style, so that they don’t have to shave and style it every day.

If you have a problem with your hair, or your beard does not grow properly or you want to change the look of your beard according to you, then with the help of the video given below, you will be able to choose a good hair doctor easily.

There are various techniques that have been used in beard growth treatment depending on the requirements and condition of each client. Some of the majorly used beard treatment therapies are given below –

  • Beard Growth by Growth Factor Therapy

The blood of the patient is extracted in this process and blood cells are separated from the blood with the help of centrifugation. After this, the extracted blood cells are merged with a growth factor-releasing the solution to obtain the growth factors desired in the beard area. The serum so obtained is called Growth Factor serum, which is rich in blood cells and growth factors, and when induced in the skin promotes collagen formation and boosts anti-aging.

  • Microneedling 

Microneedling laser is used in this form of beard growth therapy.  The role of these lasers is to create pores in the beard area. The pores or regions crafter by these micro needling lasers is responsible for delivering essential nutrients, platelets, peptides, and growth factors. It is helpful in stimulating hair follicles of the beard area, which aids in beard growth.

Dr. Alok Sahoo is a skilled surgeon who has chosen to dedicate most of his practice to the art and science of hair restoration and helping his patient transform into a happier and more confident version of themselves through hair restoration Committed to doing, Dr. Alok Sahoo is the best hair transplant surgeon in Bhubaneswar.

  • Beard Growth using Mesotherapy

Vitamin C, biotin, Vitamin A, minerals, and peptides required for thicker and healthier beard growth are induced in the skin by mesotherapy.

In mesotherapy, the required nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acid cocktails are injected into the body to promote hair growth on the scalp. Mesotherapy is a proven and effective way to slow hair thinning and promote healthy, voluminous hair for years to come. The process is well suited for both men and women experiencing alopecia at several stages of development.

  • Beard Hair transplant

In this beard growth process, a patch of hair is extracted from an area that has an abundantly rich concentration of hair like the forehead, and the same extracted patch is transplanted in the beard area so that it replicates the hair growth similar to that on the forehead area.


The beard is undeniably an important part of a man’s face and it requires special care to grow and maintain it at its best. Growing a healthy beard is just as important as maintaining it. However, in cases of rough or patchy beards, or maybe in cases with minimal beard growth, there are several treatments available that can help in growing a good-looking and natural beard, Meet Dr. Alok Sahoo who specializes in Beard Transplant specialists in Bhubaneswar. It depends on the patient what kind of result he wants from beard growth therapy before choosing anyone. A carefully monitored beard growth therapy can help a man easily achieve the desired beard in a very short span of time.

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